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Cosmelan peel is the world’s leading professional depigmenting method – with more than a million satisfied patients – and one of few treatments found to be effective for stubborn melasma. The Cosmelan method has proven efficacy tests, that support any skin type. It can be used for various types of pigmentation, including melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, solar and senile lentigo or ephelides (freckles). Cosmelan can reduce pigmentation by up to 95% with just one treatment.

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A mask is applied at our clinic that remains on your face for 8 to 12 hours (depending on skin). The mask is washed off at home and you may expect 2 to 7 days of light to heavy peeling, redness, sensitivity and swelling. 3 to 7 days after the treatment you come back to the clinic for a skin revision and Dermalux LED Light to assist with the healing process and reduce redness.

After the initial week, skin appears luminous, revived, fresh & smooth. The Cosmelan pack includes take-home products to assist in the skins healing phase and prevent pigment from returning. It is imperative that you stick to the home care regime prescribed for you in order to keep the pigment from returning. Four weeks after Cosmelan mask, a hidrating facial is performed in clinic.

Our Cosmelan Treatment package includes

  • Consultation

  • Peel Booster ( skin preparation 2-4 weeks before Cosmelan Mask)

  • Cosmelan Mask ( peel treatment in clinic )

  • Skin revision and Dermalux Led Light Therapy
    3 to 7 days post Cosmelan mask

  • Cosmelan 2 plus 6 full-size products ( home care will last 3 months )

  • Hydrating Facial in clinic ( 4 weeks post-treatment )

  • Ongoing support during the entire process


  • Reduces unwanted pigmentation

  • Restores the skin’s luminosity

  • Smooths the skin

  • Treats all skin phototypes

  • Effective exfoliating effect

  • Fast-acting depigmentation method

  • Proven and effective process

Want to experience the power of Cosmelan in the privacy of your own home?

With our Cosmelan mobile service, you can skip the trip to the skincare clinic and have a qualified therapist come to your home for the initial mask application. Perfect for those who value privacy, are short on time, or prefer to avoid public transportation.

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